Travis and Jason Kecle give Vikings fans a huge shout out to be proud of

This might make fans in Minnesota feel a bit better after a disappointing season.

Oct 29, 2023; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison (3) does a
Oct 29, 2023; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison (3) does a / Tork Mason-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings fans are probably still a little down in the dumps about the way their team's 2023 campaign turned out.

After finishing first in the NFC North in 2022, Minnesota finished third in the division in '23 and missed the playoffs entirely as a result.

However, recent comments from the Kelce brothers on a new episode of their "New Heights" podcast should help those Vikings fans feel a little bit better, as Jason and Travis took turns praising the fans and atmosphere in Minnesota.

"Vikings [fans] are pretty electric, I'll give them that," Jason said. "And the purple, the purple is nice."

Jason probably has a soft spot in his heart for Minnesota, as the Eagles won Super Bowl 52 over the New England Patriots in Minnesota. The Super Bowl victory was the first for Jason and the entire Eagles organization, so it makes sense that he would look at the city where that occurred fondly.

Travis also agreed about the positives of playing in Minnesota.

"You play in Minnesota, that's a fun place to play in," Travis said. "It's a beautiful stadium. Their crowd gets [expletive] into it, and they're not [expletive], they're not [expletive], they just [expletive] love some good football, baby. You got to respect it."

Unfortunately for the Kelce brothers, neither the Eagles or Chiefs are slated to play in Minnesota next season. So, both brothers will have to wait a while to play in front of those passionate Vikings fans, unless Philadelphia and Minnesota end up facing off against each other in the playoffs.

After missing the postseason last season, the Vikings will be looking to bounce back in 2024. The biggest lingering question facing the team is what they plan to do at the quarterback position.

Veteran signal-caller Kirk Cousins is set for free agency, so it will be interesting to see if the Vikings opt to bring him back, or if they decide to go in a different direction.