3 unsung heroes from the Vikings win over the Packers in Week 8

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Viking No.2

Harrison Phillips - DL

Harrison Phillips had himself a day against Green Bay, putting together his best game as a Minnesota Viking in his second year with the team. While Phillips has been solid with Minnesota, his play against the Packers was dominant, and he has become a great player up the middle under Brian Flores.

The Vikings' run defense has been questionable at times this season, but that wasn't the case in Week 8 against the Packers, who only managed 74 yards on the ground and one rushing first down in the entire game.

Phillips ended the day with 8 total tackles, 2.5 stuffs, and half a sack. Filling the stat sheet is an understatement. The Packers couldn't get anything to work up the middle all day, in large part due to Harrison Phillips constantly winning his matchup and wrecking the plays.

It seemed like every play that the Packers attempted to run up the middle, Phillips was stopping it dead in its tracks. Phillips has been a good player all year for Minnesota, but his explosive outing against Green Bay was something that deserves more love.