Voice of the Vikings shares concerning take about Justin Jefferson

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

With Minnesota Vikings superstar wide receiver Justin Jefferson still playing under the terms of his rookie contract, the rumors about him wanting to go elsewhere, unfortunately, haven't gone away.

Other team's fan bases are still coming up with insane trade proposals for Jefferson despite the Vikings making it extremely clear earlier this year that they are not looking to send the All-Pro pass-catcher to another franchise this offseason.

Recently, Vikings radio play-by-play announcer Paul Allen added his opinion to the Jefferson trade rumors, and some of his thoughts might raise a few eyebrows.

Paul Allen shares why the Minnesota Vikings might have to trade Justin Jefferson

Allen has been calling Vikings games on the radio since 2002, so he's seen just about everything one can imagine happen with Minnesota during his tenure as the team's play-by-play announcer. He is also a host for the Vikings Entertainment Network, so he's frequently around the team throughout the course of an entire calendar year.

Whether Allen has concrete team sources or not, one would assume that he has a pretty good read on some of Minnesota's plans for the future, including what the team would like to do with Jefferson.

During his daily radio show on KFXN-FM on Monday, Allen had the following to say about the Vikings' star wide receiver.

"If the reports are accurate that the Vikings have offered Justin Jefferson a deal that would make him the first or second-highest paid player in the National Football League, and he said no, how do you unpack that?

...I'm being serious here. If you have the slightest inclination that [Jefferson] doesn't want to play here anymore, you have to trade him."

Allen didn't really elaborate about whether he's heard of any sort of current friction between Minnesota and Jefferson, but his comments still shouldn't be ignored.

Back in January, Allen cast some doubt on Kirk Cousins returning to the Vikings this offseason when he questioned whether it would make sense for the team to give a bunch of money to a 35-year-old quarterback coming off of a torn Achilles.

A few weeks later, the relationship between Minnesota and Cousins officially came to an end after the veteran signal-caller signed a lucrative contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Has Allen gotten a sense this offseason that the possibility of the Vikings trading Jefferson is higher than most people would like to admit? Or were his comments based more on his personal opinion that has nothing to do with anything he's heard from anyone close to the team?

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