4 worst Vikings from their Week 11 loss to the Broncos

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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The Minnesota Vikings suffered a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos to end their winning streak in an ugly Sunday Night Football matchup.

The Minnesota Vikings finally fell back into reality in Week 11 after a miraculous run over the past five weeks. With Josh Dobbs reverting back to a normal person, the Vikings gave away a winnable game and are back to questioning the next few weeks.

Minnesota took charge early in this game and seemed to be in a position to win favorably after some early magic from Dobbs. However, that magic quickly dwindled and the offense hit a snag, leading to the team's first loss since Week 5.

A big focal point of this loss comes at the hands of the Denver Broncos and a number of hits that seemed illegal in real-time and will be worth watching as this week progresses. On several occasions, it appears the Broncos got away with illegal hits and fines will probably be coming down later in the week.

Regardless, the Vikings did not play well in the second half, especially offensively. Dobbs was inaccurate most of the night and was lucky to only walk away with one interception to his name after that showing.

This game could be a turning point for this season but the schedule is somewhat favorable still. Minnesota has to bounce back and the players on this list have to step up in order for that to happen.