4 worst Vikings from their Week 11 loss to the Broncos

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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Josh Dobbs - QB

Josh Dobbs has exceeded expectations as a VIking but he reminded us why we should never get too high or too low on a backup quarterback in such a small sample size. There is a reason he has bounced around in his NFL career, and Sunday he showed some of the downsides of his game.

He played out of control and seemed panicked far too often after being cool, calm, and collected in his first two games as a Viking. Denver forced him into several mistakes and Dobbs could not connect on anything down the field in the second half.

He finished the game with 242 total yards, two touchdowns, and two turnovers. When the team needed a drive to win the game, Dobbs disappeared and did not even give them a chance at threatening the defense.

This is far from an overreaction - I have been on board with this since Kirk Cousins went down - but Jaren Hall should retake the starting job when he is healthy. The benefit of playing Hall over Dobbs extends beyond this season.

Best case scenario, Dobbs sneaks the Vikings into the playoffs but cannot carry them to a deep run. Jaren Hall has to be given a chance to see if he is worth a backup spot heading into 2024 in some capacity.