5 worst NFC North trades of all time

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker / Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports
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The four teams in the NFC North have made a lot of trades in the history of their franchises but not all of them have been good.

For NFL teams like those in the NFC North, sometimes a great way to make your roster better is by working out a trade with another team. Sometimes trades work out great for both sides, other times, the deals may seem to favor one of the franchises.

There have been a lot of trades involving teams in the NFC North over the course of their franchise histories. Many of them even go back to the NFC Central days before the divisions were realigned after expansion teams came in.

Looking back at the four teams currently in the NFC North, there have been some bad trades to go with the good ones. The Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears have all been on the losing side of transactions.

Let's take a look at the five worst trades in the history of the division and talk about why these trades didn't work out too well for the team or how it ended up making the NFC North team look a bit silly in the long run.