5 worst NFC North trades of all time

Herschel Walker
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Worst NFC North trade No. 4

Randy Moss, WR - Minnesota Vikings

Trading away a superstar wide receiver can be hard enough for a franchise, but the Minnesota Vikings essentially gave Randy Moss to the Oakland Raiders in 2005 and ended up putting themselves in hole for many years to come.

Oakland did send the Vikings first and seventh round picks along with linebacker Napoleon Harris, but Minnesota transitioned those picks into wide receiver Troy Williamson and cornerback Adrian Ward in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Any time a team can get a first-round pick in a trade, it's not a total loss. However, shipping a Hall of Fame caliber player out of town when they are a massive contributor and the face of the franchise is an exceptionally bold move.

To make the situation between the Vikings and Moss even stickier, the team gave the New England Patriots a third-round pick in exchange for Randy Moss and a seventh-round pick in 2011 but didn't last a full season before he was waived.