5 worst NFC North trades of all time

Herschel Walker
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Worst NFC North trade No. 3

Rick Mirer, QB - Chicago Bears

In 1997, the Chicago Bears used a first-round draft pick to trade for the services of quarterback Rick Mirer and a fourth-round pick from the Seattle Seahawks. He signed a three-year deal with Chicago upon his arrival.

Mirer only lasted one season with the Bears, starting three games and playing in seven, losing all three of his starts while throwing zero touchdowns and six interceptions and completing a career-low 51.5 percent of his passes.

After only one season, Mirer requested to be released by the Bears and was granted that request, He then signed with the Packers and never played a single snap for Green Bay, making his impact on the NFC North quite interesting.

For a player selected second overall in the 1993 NFL Draft and finding some early success with the Seattle Seahawks, Rick Mirer played for three of the four teams in the NFC North before retiring. The only team he didn't play for was the Minnesota Vikings.