5 worst NFC North trades of all time

Herschel Walker
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Worst NFC North trade No. 2

John Hadl, QB - Green Bay Packers

Quarterback John Hadl racked up quite a few achievements during his professional football career. But his time with the Green Bay Packers is something fans of the green and gold would most likely want to forget.

The Packers saw the success that Hadl was experiencing with the Los Angeles Rams and made the decison to trade for him, giving up first, second, and third-round draft choices in 1975 and first and second round choices in 1976

Hadl played a total of 22 games for the Packers, leading them to a 7-12 record in his 19 starts. Over that time, he threw nine touchdowns compared to 29 interceptions while completing 52.1 percent of his passes.

The Packers packaged Hadl with defensive back Kenny Ellis and two draft picks to acquire quarterback Lynn Dickey from the Houston Oilers, ending the experiment that didn't quite work out in Green Bay.