5 worst NFC North trades of all time

Herschel Walker
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Bad NFC North trade No. 1

Herschel Walker, RB - Minnesota Vikings

You don't have to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings to know how bad the trade was that brought Herschel Walker to the NFC North. Teams can get desperate for that 'missing piece' if they feel they are close to a championship.

October 12, 1989 will forever be a day of infamy for the Vikings franchise. The Vikings sent five players with conditional draft picks attached to them with three draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for the running back.

Minnesota looked like they were getting a sure-fire running back but didn't realize just how many of those conditional picks Dallas was planning on getting by releasing or not playing the players they traded for.


This trade was a major factor in the Dallas Cowboys becoming multiple time Super Bowl winners while the Vikings only got Walker for 42 games, scoring 25 total touchdowns and he averaged 53.9 rushing yards per game.

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