Dec 1, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) calls a play during the first quarter against the Chicago Bears at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Bears 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Would Christian Ponder Have a Chance Against Joe Montana In a QB Competition?

Okay Christian Ponder, I’ll play your game. You said in an interview with the venerable Sid Hartman that you are in a QB competition, and furthermore, you implied that even if the guy you were competing against was Joe Montana, you would still give yourself a chance.

Ponder to Hartman: “It’s a competition. Whether it’s Joe Montana or someone else here, it’s a competition. It’s fun. It’s fun to compete.”

Yes, he really said that.

So, I’ll play along. Would Christian Ponder have a chance in a quarterback competition against Joe Montana?

Well obviously, the answer is yes. Joe Montana is 57 years old and hasn’t played in the NFL since 1994. He would be severely over-matched in any kind of competition against Christian Ponder that involved physical exertion. I’m assuming Joe has kept himself in pretty good shape since his playing days, but even so, he is not as young and fit as Ponder.

It’s a no-brainer. Christian Ponder would destroy Joe Montana in a QB competition. Absolutely crush him.

Ponder would also destroy Johnny Unitas, who is dead and therefore incapable of throwing a football. He would annihilate Joe Namath who besides being old would also be drunk. He would completely and utterly humiliate Terry Bradshaw who is so full of anti-depressants he doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the time.

Pretty much any hypothetical scenario you can concoct that pits Christian Ponder against an old, washed-up, retired, inebriated or deceased quarterback ends with Ponder prevailing.

You can argue that these are just silly fictional scenarios, completely pointless to consider, but I say so is the Vikings’ current “three-way QB competition.”

Christian Ponder obviously is going with the Rick Spielman line-of-baloney on the three-way competition, and that’s great. It’s great that Ponder, despite being a complete afterthought, is still doing Spielman’s bidding, spreading Spielman’s message.

Ponder even reiterated the line about the “clean slate.” Ponder is nothing if not a good soldier. He may not be able to read a defense, but he can read a PR memo.

They’re correctible mistakes Christian, don’t forget that one!

It’s absurd to believe that Ponder is really involved in any competition except the one for most attractive spouse. Matt Cassel and Teddy Bridgewater are the story. The Vikings want to make Christian Ponder part of that story, because they don’t want the media making it into Cassel vs. Bridgewater.

But no matter what anyone says, that dog don’t hunt. But, spin away Vikings. The sideshow is amusing.

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  • David Mallow

    I’ve never bashed anyone on their articles,but come on..all you do is find a way to bring up ponder and what you don’t like.. Ponder IS part of the competition rather you like it or not…in all honesty,I would rather have him than Cassel as the backup…Ponder can still learn, Cassels learning days are behind him,what he is is what you get… mediocrity…and it’s spelled BOLOGNA not BALONEY… Maybe you should spend some time reading instead of hating on people…

  • Miller

    Yeah ive read three of your articles within a day span saying this same old story.. We get it, we do, but you present as part of te vikings, so for all of our sakes, stop beating the dead horse in the race.. Everyone understands, are you trying to reach out to all of us? Or just tar the crap out of Ponder? If its the latter, use your own private facebook page or something..stop flooding the bleacher report with the bashings of a third stringer that didnt asked to be drafted first round

  • ugglorr

    Not clicking on any stories by this turd anymore. No insight, no information, no redeeming opinions of any sort. Just a jackarse venting all the time.

  • Stryker

    Wow, I don’t really care for Ponder as a Viking QB, but I don’t bag on him. In a different system, he might thrive. We all know he was speaking in relative terms in regards to Montana. I wish you luck Christian and hope you land on a team where you’ll be successful.

  • cherrie 10

    Wow. This article is ridiculous. Apparently all you need is a 6th grade sense of humor to write columns for this site. A complete waste of time for everyone, even the writer.

  • Ken Tomlin

    I’ve been one to “bash” on players also, but I have to agree with the other’s comments. As long as a player is wearing the purple and gold, I’ve always supported and rooted for him, just like I’m sure everyone on here does. We may not all agree on who should start or even be drafted, or who played great or poorly, but we’re all VIKINGS fans! Support all our players, then if a player is released or traded then bash him all you want, but while he’s a Viking back him. Who knows, they might surprise you.

  • MikeH123

    Perhaps 26 yo Ponder could beat out 57 yo Montana but not 44 yo Favre.

  • James Kallestad

    Why would anyone think Ponder could beat out anybody at any age? Let alone a perennial All-Pro.

  • Orion

    Yeah, I’m intrigued by the idea that we ought to stomp on Ponder because he wants to compete. . . I mean, don’t we all want our Vikings team players to just admit that they aren’t quite as good as the other guys and just can’t compete?

    I mean, they were not as good as our NFC North rivals generally were last year. Maybe our team should just forfeit their NFC North games this year since it is ridiculous to compete when last year we didn’t seem to be as good as they were.

    The whole game is about competing. No matter how daunting the odds might be, you compete as hard as you can. Even when your opponent doesn’t view it as a real competition, you compete as hard as you can.

    And let’s face it, Cassel sucked last year. Ponder sucked worse, but Cassel did NOT earn a starting position. Under new coaching and in a new offensive scheme it is possible that Ponder will be better than Cassel (I’m not at all counting on it, however).

    So I’d encourage them all to compete. I think Teddy wins, but I want them all to compete.