Dec 22, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA;Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel (16) throws a pass during the second half of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati Bengals beat Minnesota Vikings 42-14. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Cassel Thought Chad Greenway's Hero Act Was Funny

Chad Greenway is being hailed as a hero after throwing caution to the wind, leaping into stormy Lake Minnetonka and rescuing a pair of distressed boaters, but not all Greenway’s teammates seem that impressed by his Superman routine.

Matt Cassel for one seems more amused than impressed. Cassel told Michael Rand about his reaction when hearing of Greenway’s act of heroism.

“Oh yeah, I was singing him that song — [in singing voice] “When a hero comes along” — and all that stuff,” Cassel said. “I don’t even know who sings it, but I was singing it to him. They showed a little clip in the team meeting room, and so I asked him where his cape was. It was pretty funny.”

Matt Cassel is not buying Chad Greenway as Superman. Cassel wants to see a little more evidence of Superman ability before he’s willing to go that far. He wants to see some buildings leapt in a single bound. He wants to see some intergalactic supervillains dispatched. He wants to see a damn cape.

That’s how Cassel rolls. He has high standards when it comes to superheroism. He’s probably one of those guys who disqualifies Batman because he doesn’t really have a superpower.

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  • Turdd Ferguson

    Don’t get me wrong, Chad Greenway is an awesome guy, however when I heard the story, it paints a picture of their boat nearly capsizing and he rushes in to save the poor souls. Then, the video is shown, and it depicts 2 people that simply don’t know the first thing about boats in some slightly rough water. I’m with Cassel on this one, totally blown out of proportion.

  • Bob E.

    So Cassel makes a couple playful cracks with Greenway and that somehow means he “wasn’t impressed” with him helping some people out of a jam? He was just being a smartass, doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect what he did.

  • robb

    I’m glad the team has that kind of rapport amongst themselves. Go Vikings!

  • Kevin Carlson

    Way to totally twist Cassel’s words. This author is a joke. And not the funny kind.

  • ethantoanlam

    One of a better known tabloid writer we have here!