Oct 27, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; The Minnesota Golden Gophers take the field prior to the game against the Purdue Boilermakers at TCF Bank Stadium. The Gophers defeated the Boilermakers 44-28. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

TCF Bank Stadium Is Ready For The Minnesota Vikings

Crews have been working hard to renovate TCF Stadium, home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, into a suitable home for the Minnesota Vikings for the next two years.  There have been a lot of concerns about moving outdoors to deal with the elements, even though installation of heating coils and extra seating has been put in.  One thing people shouldn’t worry about is how great the stadium will look on game day.

Thanks to the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium website, we now have a projected aerial image of what the stadium will look like.  Here is a link to their article with the picture.

But here is that aerial preview that I’m talking about:

An aerial preview of TCF Bank Stadium from NewVikingsStadium.com

An aerial preview of TCF Bank Stadium from NewVikingsStadium.com

Personally, I’m super excited to watch the Vikings play out in the elements and this preview photo has my mouth watering for Minnesota Vikings football.  While the Vikings team is in transition with a new coaching staff and lots of new faces, the stadium is also doing the same.  With construction on the new Vikings stadium going well, it seems as though Minnesota will only spend two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium before they move into the new home.

What is funny is that U.S. Bank has been rumored as the leading candidate for naming rights to the new stadium.  That means that the Minnesota Vikings could go from TCF Bank Stadium to U.S. Bank Stadium in two years.  Hopefully, the Vikings will play well in both stadiums and help take some victories to the bank!  (poor pun intended)

What do you think?  Do you like the previewed look of the new stadium?  Discuss it in the comments!

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  • D.J. Asmus


  • holymomentumbatman#84

    Can’t wait to see the Vikings play outdoors again, after soooo many years. I know it’s an entirely different team, all new personnel, etc., but the Minnesota Vikings and outdoor football always went hand in hand back in the day. It was just SO MUCH FUN to watch their home games at The Met, and the old Purple People Eaters DOMINATE. I’m kind of old school, and I really think playing outdoors makes a team tougher, especially in the cold. Makes them more resilient, more focused, more determined to achieve their goal(s). But, that’s just me. One fan’s opinion. I think the next 2 seasons at TCF Bank is definitely going to test the teams’ mettle. The Vikings WILL BE up to the challenge. Then, in 2016, those giant moving glass panels in place, (and surely, in play??) in the new stadium, will help serve as testament to the Viking legacy.This franchise has been on the cusp of being a dynasty so many times by literally inches and seconds, and people just don’t realize it. Yeah, the team AND the fans have had to endure years of, and thousands of insults, degradation and name-calling…JUST BECAUSE WE’VE LOST 4 SUPER BOWLS! It’s like this: There are only a small number of NFL teams that have ever even BEEN TO a Super Bowl, unless they were in the stands. Let alone FOUR! OK, they lost all of ‘em, but I don’t think that, if the Vikings make it back to the big dance, they’ll let that happen again. Too much talent on this football team, and with the kicker being who is in place as Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and the staff they have at their disposal, I can easily see the Vikings making a serious run for another SB. All of the pieces are gradually falling into place, so, if they make it there again, this time…??? SKOL VIKINGS

    • Cool Jack

      Can’t wait…totally agree….I grew up in Faribault and my fondest memories were watching the Vikings playing outdoors (The Purple People Eaters)….SKOL VIKINGS…!

  • Robert L

    It definitely looks really nice… for college football! It just looks really “meh” for being an NFL stadium even if it’s for only two seasons. I will admit though that’ll it’ll be really fun to watch the Vikings play outdoors at home as I’m 27 so I never got to see them play in the the Met and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how they do as they haven’t been a good team playing outdoors since leaving the Met for indoors.

  • Josh Lampe

    I like the new coaching staff, what they’ve done off-season personal wise, and what we were able to accomplish in the draft. As Vikings fans, we’ve been in a long spell of bad coaching and need someone to rescue the last 3-5 years of AP career. I have no doubt we’ll emerge next season as a defensively competent team, with an explosive ‘pick your poison’ offense. Pair that up with a couple years of Purple People Eaters outdoor football and you have what I believe will be the long-awaited rebirth of our football team. Skol Vikes!