Dec 30, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson (21) returns a kickoff by the Green Bay Packers in the third quarter at the Metrodome. The Vikings win 37-34. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Robinson Remembers ‘Stupid’ Slot Corner Experience

Josh Robinson often looked lost when called upon to cover the slot in 2013, and it turns out he felt lost too. Robinson spoke about his dismal season, which came to a premature end thanks to multiple injuries including a sternum situation he’s still dealing with, and pulled no punches when recounting the experience of being miscast as Antoine Winfield‘s replacement.

Robinson recalled Vikings coaches telling him that eventually he would begin to get a feel for the unfamiliar (to him) slot corner position. But, said Robinson via ESPN1500′s Andrew Krammer:

I remember that’s something coach Joe Woods told me, you’ll start feeling things. I never felt nothing. See people in the end zone and I’m like, “Man, this is stupid.”

Robinson was continually torched as the slot corner, surrendering big plays and touchdowns at a frightening rate. It may have been a relief to him to finally hit the shelf due to injury.

But it’s a new year now and the Vikings’ old coaching staff, the one that thought Josh Robinson could become a slot corner, is gone. The new regime has Robinson lined up outside, where he has a chance to win significant playing time as the third corner in nickel situations, with Captain Munnerlyn holding down the dreaded slot.

Robinson says he feels much more comfortable lined up outside, but the fact is a switch in position won’t magically make all the question marks disappear. Robinson must still show that he can improve in both his coverage and his tackling, and handle the physical demands that come with playing press-man.

Call me skeptical, but I’m not certain Robinson can handle it. The best thing he has going for him right now is a severe lack of experienced depth in the Vikings secondary. Derek Cox is his biggest competition and Cox is at best a marginal player.

Robinson has a great chance to win a job, but only because the Vikings don’t have a lot of better options. I’m a long way from believing that Robinson will ever be a functional player. But at least he’s done playing the slot.

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  • JoeyVikes

    “Cox is at best a marginal player”?! He was a pro bowler!! He had one horrific year and was let go….no cox is at best a pro bowler if plays up to standards again! Jeez man your about DOOM and GLOOM! SKol!

    • MikeH123

      But why was Cox horrific last year and what has changed ???

      • Kevin Wolfe

        He was asked to play in a scheme that didn’t fit him in San Diego. In Jacksonville he excelled at pressing receivers at the line of scrimmage, which is what he will be doing in Minnesota.

      • JoeyVikes

        System probably

  • Jake

    Example #3,001,348,576 that Zinksi knows precisely dick about football. Cox was a pro bowl caliber player until he changed teams and schemes in 2013. He has the potential to be that pro bowl player again in the Zimmer scheme. Once again, you’re a fucking retard Zinksi. Why are you still allowed to write for this site!!!!!!!!!!!????

  • ZukoGr

    Rhodes on one side….Munnerlyn on the other….Cox in a system he can work with as CB3 or CB4…Robinson playing the proper position for him as CB3 or CB4…Prater (who looked very good at times last year) and Sherels as CB5 and CB6 respectively….I’ll take it. BTW I always get a good chuckle from the Dan-Haters

    • Zack Selzman

      Yeah, I really liked Prater when he played at the end of the year, Cox may have a little bit of an edge on him in Press Man coverage, but Prater played Press coverage at Iowa and was a very solid cb there. Prater, like Winfield, is very impressive against the run, for screens and runs he is a shut down corner. He plays the press very well, but in pure man to man coverage he has room to grow. He can tackle, the new rules may hurt him a little bit more than others because that takes that skill away from him to a degree, but it is still nice to have a solid tackler and he is that.

  • maddog909

    I find it hard to believe the Vikings still have him. It seems every QB in the league knows to throw where Robinson is defending……a quaranteed reception.

  • Roland Buckland

    I don’t know…I have a good feeling about JR this year…if he’s healthy….