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Dan Zinski is TheVikingAge.com’s lead editor. He has inexplicably rooted for the Vikings since the late ’80s. I say “inexplicably” because he is from Wisconsin. Also because they never win anything. He misses Brett Favre. He is glad the Packers didn’t win the Super Bowl again.

Twitter: @vikingagedan

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Adam Carlson is a staff writer for TVA. He is a life-long Vikings fan currently living in Michigan. He is also the creator of the Purple People Podcast.

Drew Tull is a staff writer for TVA. Drew is an NFL Draft obsessed Minnesota Vikings fan living in the warmth of the South. He still loves all the Minnesota sports teams. Former Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report (Vikings and Falcons) and DraftTek.com Featured Columnist for DraftVikings.com

Jordan Nadel is a staff writer for TVA. Jordan is a a Viking fan located in Denver CO that has an abundance of geeky knowledge when it comes to the history of the NFL, football matchups, and the technical aspects of the game that were doing him no good at all, so he decided to start breaking down games and writing about them when the 2012 season started, and he loves it!

Jon Merckle is a Staff Writer for TVA. He has bled purple for 30+ years. Jon is married but has no kids. When he and his wife do have a baby boy it will be named Adrian. A girl, Adrian.

Levi Satterlee (bio coming soon)

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