Mortensen Also Thinks Favre Wants to Play for the Vikings


Chris Mortensen has added his voice to the chorus of noted mainstream media figures who believe Brett Favre wants off the Jets so he can sign with the Vikings. The first ripple spread through the pond a week ago when Peter King said on the PTI program that he thinks Favre would only return next season to play with the Vikings, and since then, the pond has begun resembling a slowly-churning cauldron.  Of course, this could all be nothing but media outlets deliberately stirring up speculation for the sake of off-season ratings/web hits – but there’s nothing wrong with that either, is there?

The Jets, for their part, have refuted a report by the aforementioned King saying the team gave Brett “months” to make up his mind about retirement:  The team reportedly would like an indication from Favre about his future plans by February 18th, when the NFL combine starts.  Complicating matters for the Jets is their sticky salary cap situation, which would really become dire if they had to pay Favre the $13 million they owe him this season.  If Favre wants to stay with the Jets, it appears he would have to restructure.  A trade is of course out of the question after the terms the Packers imposed on New York when their trade was made last summer (the Jets would have to surrender numerous draft picks and some of their children were they to deal Favre to any team in the NFC North).  Given Favre’s probable unwillingness to start over again with a new coaching staff in New York, it looks unlikely that he would choose to stay, meaning retirement or release is in the offing.  And if he is released?  We still don’t know for sure that Brad Childress and the Vikings would be interested, but you have to believe they would at least be mildly intrigued.