Washington Post: Vikings Want Donovan McNabb


Drafting a new young QB-of-the-future and pairing him with Joe Webb apparently won’t be enough for the Vikings. According to persistent reports, the team wants to add a veteran QB to the mix, and not just any veteran QB. They want Donovan McNabb.

This rumor will not be new to anyone who’s followed the team this off-season. What is new is that, for once, there’s an actual legit source involved.

Mike Jones of The Washington Post is that source. “The Vikings are indeed one of the teams interested in McNabb, according to two people with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity,” says Jones. “But obviously, no deal could be made until there is a new collective bargaining agreement.”

Thanks for the heads-up on that last bit Mike.

Whenever McNabb trade talk surfaces, the next subject to be addressed is his contract. McNabb will make $12.5 million in 2011 unless he agrees to restructure. Jones’ story mentions that McNabb would likely give back $3.5 million he received as a signing bonus last year in exchange for his freedom from Shannyland.

Jones also mentions how the Redskins probably blew all McNabb’s trade value by basically announcing to the world that they no longer wanted him. This being the case, it’s unlikely the Skins will be able to score the third rounder they supposedly want for the QB. Many media types, including Judd Zulgad, are firm in their insistence that the Skins will never be able to trade McNabb and will end up cutting him.

Obviously, if McNabb is cut, the Vikings would then be able to sign him. Assuming McNabb wants to sign with them. Reports have suggested McNabb wants to play for the Vikings – Obi Wan Schefter even sensed it using the Force – but until a couple teams are bidding for his services, we won’t know what his real desires are.

If the Vikes want McNabb and he wants them, I say make the deal happen, either via trade or waiting for him to be released. I may be alone in this conviction, but I really have no desire to watch Joe Webb and/or Christian Ponder stumble through 2011.

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