Jacksonville Website Inadvertently Leaks Vikings Uniform Picture


The wait is over sooner than we expected. Fans weren’t supposed to get their first peek at the new Vikings unis – which you read about here on TVA all the way back in December – until the draft party Thursday night. But Jacksonville TV station WTEV spoiled the Vikings’ show. The station’s website Actionnewsjax.com was only supposed to show new Jaguars uniform images but they accidentally posted the Vikings unis too. So we’ve already seen them and we didn’t even have to redeem any points from Vikings.com or pay for tickets to the draft party.

Too bad for the Vikings’ PR department. They put so much work into milking the uniform unveiling. But they shouldn’t be too disappointed. They got plenty of Facebook follows and retweets out of it. Maybe they can sue the Jacksonville station for ruining their promotion.

But now on to the truly important matter. Do we like the new uniforms? Are they really “retro” as we heard they would be? Are we down with the purple pants? Do we already miss the yellow collar? That last one was a trick question. No one misses the yellow collar. Or the white stripes. These are sharper because they’re simpler. That’s just me. I’m no fashion maven. Hey, as long as there is purple and the horns are still on the helmet? I’m down with it. The numbers are a little funky though…

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