A TVA Tribute to Chris Kluwe


Sep 9, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (5) against the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Jaguars 26-23 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It was a heck of a run for Chris Kluwe in Minnesota. Especially that last part where he became one of the most controversial players in all of sports. Was he cut loose because of his outspoken ways? Some say he was. Some say it was a pure football/financial decision. Either way, Kluwe is gone. And Viking Nation is a heck of a lot less colorful and interesting today because of it.

Looking back on Kluwe’s days in Purple now. What will we remember most about him? Whiteboard gags!

And of course there was his rivalry with Devin Hester. Why do you kick it to Hester??? Oh Peter King, how Kluwe reamed you. Deservedly so.

One fan memorialized Kluwe’s struggles with Hester in figurine form.

I’m more of a GIF guy.

In the name of fairness, here’s a moment from the same game where Kluwe gets it totally right. That’s how you keep it away from Hester.

While we’re posting GIFs, how can we forget Kluwe dancing on Ellen?

He punts. He holds. He dances. He ticks off Mike Priefer. He also writes. Using very very colorful language. Thanks to Kluwe the term “lustful c**monster” has entered the lexicon. And “turdsloth.” Must find more occasion to use the word “turdsloth.”

Of course there’s more. He trolled Roger Goodell on Reddit. He showed his support for Ray Guy (ticking off Mike Priefer even more). He took on Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. He was named the Sexiest Man of the Year!

So many good times. But now Kluwe is gone. And we have ourselves a boring regular punter who keeps his mouth shut. Lucky us!

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