2014 NFL Mock Draft: Vikings Select QB Teddy Bridgewater


Jan 30, 2014; New York, NY, USA; University of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater attends the Madden Bowl XX Red Carpet event at the USS Intrepid Mandatory. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The latest FanSided.com mock draft ponders how things might have been shaken up by the just-completed combine.

Certain guys have picked up buzz thanks to the combine and certain other guys maybe have dropped off a little. The result?

The new mock now has Teddy Bridgewater sliding all the way to the Vikings at #8.

It’s interesting to consider how this particular scenario shakes out.

It begins with the Texans taking Jadeveon Clowney #1. Will Houston go anything but QB at #1? I don’t know.

Now you have the Rams staying at #2 and taking OT Greg Robinson. So we’ve gotten to pick #3 before a QB comes off the board.

Pick #3 is Blake Bortles to Jacksonville. It’s just about a stone cold lead pipe lock that the Jags will take a QB.

Pick #4 is where things maybe get questionable. This mock has the Browns taking Sammy Watkins. Not Johnny Manziel? The Browns are supposedly high on Manziel but Daniel Jeremiah told Dan Patrick he thinks this is a smokecreen and the Browns really love Derek Carr. So it’s not far-fetched that the Browns will go somewhere other than QB with this pick.

Pick #5 sees Manziel coming off the board to Oakland. That sounds like the most Raiders pick of all-time.

Pick #6 has Khalil Mack to Atlanta. That sounds reasonable. They badly need a pass rusher.

Pick #7 is Jake Matthews to Tampa. Here’s where it gets very iffy. Tampa has Mike Glennon at QB and he’s far from a sure thing. Would Tampa really pass on the chance to take Teddy Bridgewater?

The Vikings get Bridgewater at 8. As we have seen, the draft will have to take a couple unlikely twists for Bridgewater to end up falling all the way to 8. And if he’s available at 8, frankly I think the Vikings should use that increased pick value to swing a trade.

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