Vikings OTAs: Teddy Bridgewater Can Control Time By Breathing


You knew Teddy Bridgewater was a great young quarterback, but I bet you didn’t know he could control time.

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Bridgewater revealed his amazing Neo-like superpower during a media session after OTA Day 5. He was asked about the speed of the NFL game vs. college and how he is adjusting to everything coming at him so much faster.

It doesn’t bother him, because he has powers.

“I can control how fast everything is going by just breathing,” Teddy revealed. “That’s been helping throughout this entire process. Just transitioning to the NFL. Just controlling your breathing, slowing things down.”

This is amazing. I don’t see how the Vikings can possibly lose a single game when they have a quarterback who can control time with breathing. Why is Teddy Bridgewater not getting all the first team reps?

Oh I get it, they’re holding him back so he doesn’t get over-confident. You are a savvy SOB Mike Zimmer. What other ego-manipulating techniques did you concoct whilst riding your tractor around your guy ranch?

Zimmer is right, we don’t want Bridgewater getting cocky. That always happens to Spider Man early in the movie. He has to learn to lose before he can learn to win.

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