Christian Ponder Has Lost Paul Allen


Matt Cassel is the starter of the present, Teddy Bridgewater is the star of the future, and Christian Ponder…is the fourth-year former starting quarterback who’s being treated like an afterthought.

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Now that he no longer figures in the Vikings’ future plans except as possible trade bait, Ponder is seeing all his former boosters jump ship on him and swim away as fast as possible to avoid being taken down by the suction. Even Paul Allen has bailed.

Yup. Good old PA, who never met a Viking he wouldn’t root for until the bitter end, has thrown in the towel on Christian Ponder. PA wondered in his most recent “Bits and Boredom” piece where Christian Ponder figures in the grand scheme of things now that Cassel and Bridgewater are locked into their roles. The outlook for Ponder? Not good.

"So, what does [the current QB situation] mean for Christian Ponder? What are the chances he will be cut before we start the season? I bring this up because (a) I haven’t heard anything good about him this offseason and (b) roster spots are so precious keeping three QBs is going the route of the flip phone."

You heard that right. Paul Allen is openly wondering if Ponder will get cut before the season. This isn’t a hater doing his hating, this is Paul Allen, a guy who would rather stick his arm in fire up to the elbow than say anything bad about a Viking player.

Sure, Allen has criticized Ponder in the past, but this is more than just criticism, this is flat out dismissal. That “I haven’t heard anything good about him” line is more than just a rip, it’s a brush-off. It’s like saying “he’s dead to me.”

If Paul Allen can’t conjure anything good to say about you, then there is nothing good left to be said. You are finished. It is over. Say goodnight.

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