Kain Colter’s $8,000 Bonus Was Tops Among Vikings UDFAs


Per Ben Goessling of ESPN, former Northwestern WR/QB Kain Colter received the largest bonus among this year’s crop of Vikings UDFAs. Colter received a bonus of $8,000 for signing with the Vikings, Goessling revealed.

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Iowa guard Conor Boffeli recieved the second-highest bonus at $4,000, but has already been released by the team. Other UDFAs receiving bonuses:

DE Rakim Cox ($3,000)
DE Tyler Scott ($2,500)
TE A.C. Leonard ($2,500)
G Austin Wentworth ($2,000)
WR Erik Lora ($1,500)
T Matt Hall ($1,500)
WR Donte Foster ($1,000)
RB Dominique Williams ($1,000)

QB Travis Partridge received a $1,000 bonus as well but like Boffeli has already been cut.

Antonio Richardson, Zac Kerin, Pierce Burton, Jake Snyder and Isame Faciane all received no bonus for signing with Minnesota.

Andrew Krammer of 1500 ESPN briefly explored the connection between a relatively high UDFA bonus and the likelihood of said UDFA sticking with the team. Turns out, a biggish bonus tends to mean the player will stick. So things are looking good for Kain Colter.

Then again, Conor Boffeli got a decent bonus and was cut. So, clearly, a bonus is no guarantee that the team will keep you in its future plans. It never hurts to have a few extra thou in your pocket, anyway.

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