Kyle Rudolph Wonders Why NBA Stars Don’t Come to Minnesota


The big story in Minnesota sports right now, outside of the compelling three-way QB competition on the Vikings, is the on-going drama with Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love.

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The expectation among many is that Love, who apparently just doesn’t want to play in Minnesota, will be traded in the near future, probably to the Lakers or Celtics. Because when it comes to basketball, either Los Angeles or Boston always ends up with everything good that starts in Minnesota.

Just like Seattle always ends up with the former Vikings. And Minnesota always ends up with the former Packers.

Love is a great talent who could put a contender over the top, so NBA stars around the league have been lobbying for him to come to their team . But Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph has a question about all this Love love.

A good question Kyle Rudolph. Why not turn the Timberwolves into the new Heat? Minneapolis. Miami. They both…start with the letter “M.”

Speaking of Miami, didn’t LeBron James just opt out of his contract? How about a LeBron-Love connection in Minnesota?

Okay NBA experts, I’m sure there’s some big reason why that will never happen. Don’t forget to lecture me and Rudolph about it. You’ll be the ones with egg on your face when LeBron and Love are riding in the victory parade through Minneapolis.

Just you wait.

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