National Media Figure Thinks Adrian Peterson Is Only 3rd Best RB in NFL


Adrian Peterson knows he’s still the best RB in the NFL, no matter what LeSean McCoy may believe. Most sane, rational observers I think are on-board with Peterson ranking himself above McCoy and every other running back in the league?

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But what about the not-sane, not-rational observers out there? What about Pete Prisco?

In his top 100 NFL players rundown, released this weekend at, Prisco places Adrian Peterson #19 – behind fellow running backs Jamaal Charles (#13) and LeSean McCoy (#9)

Prisco says of Peterson:

"There was no way he was duplicating his 2013 numbers, especially with bad quarterback play, but he’s still a top-tier player."

From reading the blurbs on Charles and McCoy, Prisco seems to believe that Peterson should be ranked third because those other players bring more to the table as receivers. So it’s the old “Adrian Peterson is not a complete back” argument.

Well we’ll see how that argument holds up after Peterson has a chance to operate in Norv Turner’s system, which actually gives backs the chance to catch the ball.

Am I saying playing for Turner will turn Peterson into a great receiving back? No. All I’m saying is that, when Peterson has been given the chance to catch the ball out of the backfield, particularly in 2009 when he had Brett Favre hitting him on checkdown throws, he has shown that he can be a good receiver. Not a great receiver, but a good one.

Bill Musgrave didn’t have room for designed pass plays to his backs on his tiny card. Turner will make Peterson a bigger part of the passing game and that will give Adrian a chance to dispel the impression that he is far behind McCoy and Charles as a receiver. Peterson will get a chance to prove that he is more multi-dimensional than people think.

And by season’s end, old Prisco might be reshuffling his RB ranking.

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