Cris Carter Said What to Michael Irvin’s Wife?


Michael Irvin related a story to Dan LeBatard about Cris Carter that pretty much says everything you need to know about Cris Carter.

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Back in the day, Irvin was having some trouble with drugs. Carter decided to put on his drug counselor hat and help out Irvin, because Carter is one of those people who thinks that because he once was a drug addict himself, that makes him qualified to advise anyone else who is having the same issues (because experience automatically gives you wisdom in the eyes of people like Cris Carter).

Irvin told LeBatard about what happened one year at the Pro Bowl when he was in the depths of his addiction and Carter attempted to “help” him get his life together (via The Big Lead).

"Even though I love Cris to death … I don’t know what year it was, we were in the Pro Bowl … [Cris] said to my wife – to my wife – you know, Mike would never, he would never come out of this problem until you leave him.TIL YOU LEAVE HIM!For years I’ve held that. I’ve never shared that with anybody. I was so hurt when Cris … because he was out of line [bleep] then and he’s out of line now."

Irvin’s story about Carter arose during a discussion on Josh Gordon, who is having issues Carter and Irvin both can relate to. Carter recently said in his capacity as an ESPN talking head that he believes Gordon needs to be cut by the Browns so he can bottom out and begin to get his life in order.

Why does Carter think this? Because that’s what helped him when he was having his own struggles.

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  • Irvin’s point – what he thinks Carter is out of line about – is that Carter has no idea what Gordon needs and it’s irresponsible of him to assume that what worked for Cris in his case would work for Gordon. Just as Carter was irresponsible to advise Irvin’s wife to leave him, thinking that would help straighten Irvin out.

    And you know what? I 100% agree with Irvin. It’s silly for Carter to think that once having been a drug addict qualifies him to counsel others. There’s a reason people have to go to training before they can become professional counselors. If all it took to be a drug counselor was proof that you once did drugs, then Bobby Brown could make crack money by opening up a practice.

    Carter is a legend and an all-time great Viking but he’s also often an asshat. It’s sad that he’s now apparently become one of these ESPN buffoons who think their job is to say controversial stuff and generate ratings and web traffic.

    If Cris really cared about Gordon, he’d butt the hell out and let qualified people handle the situation. But Carter is one of those insecure types who can’t admit how little they actually know.

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