Packers Won’t Retire Brett Favre’s Number This Year Cause Packer Fans Might Boo


Brett Favre will likely have to wait one more year to have his number retirement ceremony in Lambeau Field. Packers CEO Mark Murphy revealed on Thursday that despite talk about Favre returning to Lambeau in 2014, plans to retire Favre’s famous #4 won’t come to fruition probably until 2015.

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And the reason is kind of pathetic.

Murphy told reporters (via Fox Sports) that he and Favre have discussed the big Lambeau return, and Favre has voiced concerns about the potential for a hostile fan reaction. Murphy said:

"That is an issue He doesn’t want it, and neither do we. He wouldn’t want to come back and get booed. You can’t control 80,750 people. I really think as time goes on, every year that passes it’s less likely that he would get booed, but that is an issue."

Murphy has said he wants Favre’s number retired before he goes into the Hall of Fame in 2016. That gives Packer fans a couple more years to finally get over themselves and embrace Favre as they should, so the ceremony can be carried out.

Honestly Packer fans, what is your problem? Were you not vindicated by the team’s Super Bowl victory with Aaron Rodgers? Are you not satisfied? Why continue hating on Favre?

The pettiness of Packer fans never ceases to amaze. What a bunch of pitiful self-important boneheads. Arguably the greatest player in their team’s history and they hate his guts. Wow. Just sad.

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