Adrian Peterson Shamelessly Jumps On Cavaliers Bandwagon After LeBron Return


Adrian Peterson is leaving no doubt about where his basketball loyalties lie. He is also leaving no doubt about his willingness to shamelessly jump on or off a bandwagon at the drop of a hat.

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Amid the madness that was LeBron James’ return to Cleveland, Peterson tweeted about his own sudden shift in NBA allegiances. Surprise: he’s going with whatever team happens to employ LeBron James.

Peterson tweeted:

Adrian Peterson is hardly the only sports fan who suddenly shifted his loyalty over to the Cavaliers today. A lot of front-running fans will be going with him.

Give Peterson credit: at least he’s honest. He isn’t making any big secret about his method for choosing a team. It’s pretty simple. If LeBron James plays for a team, Adrian Peterson is a fan of that team.

So I guess the only way Adrian would ever become a Timberwolves fan is if they somehow got LeBron? That’s not going to be happening, as Ricky Rubio figured out earlier today.

Sorry Timberwolves, but your bandwagon just doesn’t suit Adrian Peterson. Good luck with that whole Kevin Love thing though.

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