Ron Jaworski Gives Matt Cassel a Little Motivation


Matt Cassel has been getting hammered in these pre-camp quarterback rankings that everyone insists on doing, and a couple weeks ago I argued that as much as it may suck to hear, the criticisms of Cassel are perfectly warranted when you look at his career performance.

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That being said…does Cassel deserve to be pegged as the absolute worst starting quarterback in the NFL? It’s one thing to argue that a guy is below-average or even borderline bad, but to call him the worst?

I’m not sure I’d go as far as to call Cassel the worst among the 32 starters. But Ron Jaworski has done just that.

Jaworski has begun his dramatic stretched-out self-important pompous countdown of the league’s quarterbacks and he put Cassel in the ignominious #32 slot.

Below Ryan Fitzpatrick. Below Geno Smith. Below Chad Henne and E.J. Manuel and Jake Locker.

Somewhat harsh Jaws. I mean, I know Cassel isn’t great, but Jake Locker?

Jake Locker has proven nothing. Cassel at least has some good stretches under his belt. And he seems like he should be pretty good in Norv Turner’s system which generally plays to his strengths.

As lukewarm as I am about Cassel, I wouldn’t call him the worst QB in the league. But Ron Jaworski obviously doesn’t like Matt Cassel.

Not that Matt Cassel needed the extra motivation, but now he has it. Stick it to Jaworski, Cassel. Show that sucker you’re better than Ryan Frigging Fitzpatrick.

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