Chris Kluwe Dredges Up Old Rumor About Vikings Players and Underage Sex


Chris Kluwe reacted to negative information about his conduct in the Mike Priefer report by, what else, going on a Twitter rant.

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That rant included this tweet referring to an unreported underage sex scandal involving a pair of “well-known Viking players.”

I can only assume Kluwe is referring to an old moldy rumor about Tarvaris Jackson and Sidney Rice, once published by Deadspin and refuted by Vikings PR in email.

I remember the incident well because I published a post on the same rumor and received the same email from a Vikings PR person asking that the post be removed. I complied, but traces of the post still remain here and there.

I don’t know if this is the rumor Kluwe is referring to but I assume it is. I’m not sure what Kluwe hopes to gain by tossing around these vague references to old scandals. It certainly seems like he’s just upset and lashing out.

Maybe it’s all part of some larger stratagem, some brilliant Kluwe chess move. Or maybe he’s just the angry attention-whore some people believe him to be.

All I know is, it’s getting uglier by the second.

It’s sort of sad to see Rice and Jackson dragged into this over some old rumor that most people didn’t believe at the time, and almost everyone had forgotten about (if indeed this is the scandal Kluwe is talking about). But that’s just how Kluwe rolls, I guess.

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