Questions About QB Competitions Make Teddy Bridgewater Uncomfortable


Not much rattles Teddy Bridgewater. If we’ve learned one thing about Bridgewater in his first few months as an NFL QB, it’s just that. But, if you do want to get the Vikings’ QB-in-waiting out of his comfort zone, there is one topic you can question him about. The nasty C-word.

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No not that nasty C-word. And not THAT nasty C-word. That other nasty C-word: “competition.”

The QB competition that Mike Zimmer promises is happening in Minnesota right now is not a subject Teddy wants anything to do with. He told reporters on Monday (via

"That’s something I don’t feel comfortable talking about. I’m just looking forward to training camp. Can’t wait to get to Mankato, put the pads on and just continue doing what we’ve got to do — play football."

It is presumed, though nothing has been announced, that Matt Cassel goes into camp as the #1 quarterback, and that Teddy Bridgewater has a chance to knock him off if he plays well enough and/or Cassel falters.

Despite the team’s insistence that Christian Ponder is still in this, no one with a brain believes Ponder is anything but a camp arm.

The Vikings and Zimmer insist on putting forth this idea that everyone on the team is equal and no one’s job is safe. As a motivational tactic, it may have merit. But for practical purposes, it’s a load of hooey.

That Bridgewater doesn’t want to talk about the competition – which is really between him and Cassel and not him, Cassel and Ponder – is a sign that he’s been paying attention to his media spin manual. Point #1: Don’t rock the boat.

Bridgewater doesn’t need to talk. He will have plenty of opportunity to prove it on the practice field.

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