Unlike Leslie Frazier, Mike Zimmer Will Make Players Prove They’re In Shape


A lot of changes have been made around the Vikings since Mike Zimmer and his new staff came in. One big departure from the Leslie Frazier years is the implementation of a conditioning test on the first day of camp.

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It’s no big deal for teams to put players through a conditioning test on day 1 of camp. A lot of teams do it. But for whatever reason, Leslie Frazier never saw the value.

Zimmer obviously disagrees with the Frazier approach. Zim wants his players to come in on day 1 of camp and prove that they are in condition by going through some drills. Frazier apparently was willing to take their word for it.

This test doesn’t really affect the big name players, but it’s sort of a big deal for some of the fringe guys. If you’ve watched the waiver wires over the past few days as teams have started their camps, you’ve seen more than a few players get cut or placed on PUP for failing their test.

So, if you’re a UDFA or fringe draft pick or cheap veteran, you better be in shape on day one. In the past, you could get away with being out-of-shape on the Vikings. Leslie Frazier would cut you some slack if you let yourself go a little bit. But not Mike Zimmer.

Mike Zimmer doesn’t mess around. This ain’t the 2010-2013 Vikings anymore.

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