Non-News Monday: Teddy Bridgewater Will Get Snaps With First Team In Preseason


Apparently the Vikings are very serious about giving Teddy Bridgewater a shot at the starting job. How serious? They are even going to let Teddy have some first team reps in the preseason!

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Mike Zimmer told this very important highly interesting news to Ian Rapoport:

And the info Zimmer gleans from Teddy’s snaps with the first team in preseason will go into making a call on the starter?

Funny, cause I’ve always been told that preseason reps don’t mean a hell of a lot when it comes to things like determining starters.

I guess Zimmer wants to make sure he gets the maximum amount of info possible. So Teddy will get reps with the first team in preseason. With some of the other first team guys in, and some probably sitting (including Adrian Peterson who may get zero snaps in preseason). And the defense maybe playing all its first team guys and maybe not.

So many variables in preseason. You just never can predict ahead of time how much value those games will have when it comes to roster evaluation. Which is why most of the evaluation happens in practice. Or at least that’s what I’ve always been told.

But what the hell. Get that Bridgewater stuff out there anyway and excite the fanbase. Zim knows the drill.

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