Everson Griffen Helps Peter King Take the Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)


The Ice Bucket Challenge is like one of those stupid Facebook chain messages except it’s real life and it involves dumping a bucket of ice water over your head.

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Or, if you’re Peter King, it involves Everson Griffen dumping a whole Gatorade bucket of ice water over your head.

King had to take the challenge because he was called out by Pete Thamel. After having a giant bucket of icy water dumped on his head and neck, King called out three people: Everson Griffen, Adam Schefter and Alex Flanagan.

Now those three people have to dump ice water over their heads or they’re eternally scorned.

Since this all benefits ALS research, we can give it a pass for being incredibly silly.

For some reason, I thought the sight of Peter King getting ice water dumped on him would be more satisfying. Maybe it’s because he’s not as fat as he used to be. Skinny Peter King is somehow less annoying than fat Peter King.

BTW, has anyone called out Pete Prisco yet? I want to see Pete Prisco get water dumped on him. Someone call out Pete Prisco, please. I would say Mike Florio but we know he’d weasel his way out of it. No way Florio is letting anyone mess up his hair.

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