Fence Collapses During Vikings Autograph Session, Mayhem Ensues (Photos)


Fans sometimes get a little over-excited when seeking autographs from their favorite players, and Thursday that kind of over-zealousness almost led to someone getting hurt when pushy fans caused a fence to collapse outside the Vikings’ practice facility in Mankato.

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Pioneer-Press photographer Ben Garvin captured some images of the fan scrum, which broke out when Teddy Bridgewater came over to sign for the people. Witnesses on the scene said Bridgewater immediately called security over to take care of the somewhat alarming situation.

See? Who says Teddy can’t read and react quickly. Don’t overthink it Teddy. When fans are pushing over a fence, call security immediately! Good job kid. That message is sinking in.

It doesn’t seem that anyone was seriously injured in the scrum, but you can bet one or two of those dorky autograph-seeking kids suffered a scrape or a bruise in there, and there will be frivolous lawsuits. Shady lawyers, start your engines.

Oh and fans, I’ve got a little piece of info for you: they’re just squiggles on a piece of paper. Relax. It’s not worth injuring yourself just to get an autograph. Perspective, peeps.

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