Zygi Wilf Sinking More Of His Own Money Into Stadium, Because He Loves the Fans


Zygi Wilf wants to guarantee that the new Vikings stadium will be the most super-awesomest doggone football-playing venue in the whole entire world, and that’s why Wilf is reportedly adding another $46.1 million of his own money to the stadium’s budget.

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The extra $46.1 million is to “ensure that amenities such as the five pivoting glass doors, elevators, escalators and acoustical treatments remain in the project” in the words of the Star-Trib’s Matt Vensel (the PR department couldn’t have said it better themselves).

Mark Wilf added via the Star-Trib:

"“It is critical that the original stadium design unveiled in 2013 is delivered to the public when the new stadium opens in 2016,” said Vikings owner Mark Wilf. “Our goal is to provide the best game day experience possible for our fans and for everyone in Minnesota who uses the stadium. We strongly believed eliminating significant items that contribute to that fan experience was not an option.”"

In other words, swelling construction costs were threatening to force cut backs in the promised amenities, but rather than let that stuff be eliminated from the project the Wilfs swooped in and paid for it themselves.


This is where we point out that the Vikings are paying $526 million on the new stadium while the public is only being asked to kick in $498 million. So don’t call this a publicly-funded stadium, okay? It’s less than half publicy-funded.

Be accurate, naysayers. And get down on your knees and thank Zygi Wilf for his pivoting glass doors. DO THE PACKERS HAVE PIVOTING GLASS DOORS???

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