Vikings Will Feel the Heat Tonight In Kansas City


The Vikings and Chiefs figure to bring some heat against each other at Arrowhead Stadium Saturday night, but the real story might be the actual literal heat being brought against both teams and the fans by mother nature.

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Temperatures reached triple digits in Kansas City late in the afternoon on Saturday and readings were expected to still be hovering around 90 come game time at 7 PM. Playing football in those conditions might have some Vikings longing for the cool days during OTAs, or even the frigid temps of deep Minnesota winter.

Good thing it’s just a preseason game, so there won’t be too many guys getting stretched out in terms of playing time. With the mercury hitting 90 at Arrowhead, quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Alex Smith won’t have too much trouble getting warmed up before the game, that’s for sure.

Here’s hoping the heat doesn’t cause too much discomfort for the big fat guys out there. Don’t worry fellas, it’s just a preseason game. We’ll understand if you don’t feel like exerting yourselves too much.

Actually, I’d be more worried about the fans, many of whom will be attempting to hydrate with alcohol throughout the evening. Water, Arrowhead peeps. Remember to drink lots of water.

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