Adrian Peterson Told Jerry Jones He Wants to Play For the Cowboys


Minnesota sports fans still reeling from the painful ending to the Kevin Love saga are now dealing with another blow to their self-esteem, and this one hits them even closer to where they live.

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According to a story by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, superstar Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been caught flirting with another team. Those who’ve paid attention over the years will not be surprised to learn that the other team is the Dallas Cowboys.

While putting together a piece on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Outside the Lines caught Jones having a telephone conversation with Peterson in which Peterson expressed his desire to one day play for Dallas.

Jones was heard on his end praising Peterson, expressing admiration for Peterson’s father and generally sucking up to the running back (as you would expect from Jerry Jones).

When Peterson expressed his desire to play for the Cowboys, Jones gave vague responses like “we’ll see what we can do” and “well, we’re talking Pig Latin here, but let’s see if we can do that.”

Jones’ responses may have been non-committal – tampering rules being what they are – but hyper-sensitive Viking fans might be angry nonetheless. They hear about Adrian Peterson talking to Jerry Jones about wanting to join the Cowboys, and all they think about are the other times their favorite players left Minneapolis for greener pastures.

Keep in mind too that this isn’t the first time Peterson has expressed his desire to play for the Cowboys. Peterson has always been careful to say he would prefer to finish his career with the Vikings over all other options, but his persistent need to float the Cowboys thing out there has led some people to question his sincerity.

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NFL rumors: Adrian Peterson to decide NFL future in coming weeks
NFL rumors: Adrian Peterson to decide NFL future in coming weeks /


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  • Rumors about Peterson being dumped by the Vikings to get out from under his large salary have been floated in recent times and been met by fans with cries of anger.

    It seems Viking fans just have a hard time believing that Peterson will ever play anywhere but Minnesota. I’m sure Emmitt Smith fans never thought they’d see him play anywhere but Dallas.

    Peterson himself has brought up Brett Favre and Peyton Manning, both players who ended up finishing their careers elsewhere after becoming icons in one city, when discussing his future.

    One phone call to Jerry Jones doesn’t mean Adrian Peterson is headed out of Minnesota. But it’s not going to make Nervous Nelly Minnesota sports fans rest any easier, I can tell you that.