Teddy Bridgewater Throws Another TD, This Time Without Gloves


Touchdown Teddy Bridgewater was at it again Thursday night against the Titans, hitting Adam Thielen on a little floater into the right corner of the end zone to get the Vikings’ offense on the board in the first quarter.

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Unlike his four other TDs of the preseason, this one was thrown without gloves.

The self-christened Teddy Two-Gloves took the field in rainy Tennessee with no gloves, I guess because he thinks he has better grip in the rain without the gloves, and didn’t seem to suffer any loss of accuracy at least on the TD throw to Thielen.

Truth be told, with the Vikings choosing to play it safe and mostly hand the ball off, Teddy didn’t get that many chances to drop back tonight. And even when he did drop back, lack of pass protection from second-string linemen made life difficult for him.

The poor pass blocking did give Teddy the chance to show off his Tarkenton-like elusiveness on a couple of occasions, so that was nice.

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful night for Bridgewater, who left the game early in the second quarter to be replaced by Christian Ponder.

We weren’t expecting to see a ton of Teddy tonight, and we didn’t. The Vikings will go into the season with Matt Cassel as the starter and Bridgewater as the #2. Tonight’s little glimpse of the rookie might be the last we see of him for awhile, unless Cassel gets hurt, or is ineffective enough to get yanked, or the Vikings blow out some opponents and Teddy gets a few garbage time looks.

I hope everyone enjoyed their little taste of Teddy, with gloves and without.