Vikings Roster Cuts: Joe Banyard, Allen Reisner, Kain Colter Among Early Leaks


We’re still a little less than an hour away from the Vikings’ roster cuts being officially announced, but a few names have leaked out early and there are some that are going to make fans groan.

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Saturday morning it got out that Fred Evans would be among the cuts, a surprise move considering Evans’ presumed value as a backup defensive tackle. Less surprising was the revelation that Jamarca Sanford will be placed on short term IR, ending his tenure with Minnesota.

A second round of leaks came out in the afternoon and while there were not true surprises among these revelations, a few of the players being cut did have prominent roles in the preseason and had gained some followers among fans.

Probably the most annoying cut from a fan perspective is Joe Banyard, the running back who slashed and dashed his way to a 100-yard-plus rushing performance in the finale vs. Tennessee. Banyard was probably the overall offensive MVP for the Vikings in preseason but, again, it’s preseason.

With Matt Asiata offering more in the way of all-around value than Banyard, it was pretty much a cinch that Banyard would be cut. He could still be re-signed to the practice squad but after his solid preseason another team might want to give him a look.

Another fan favorite getting the axe is tight end Allen Reisner. Becoming Teddy Bridgewater’s favorite red zone target wasn’t enough to save Reisner.

WR Kain Colter was also among the cuts, but he’s another guy who could return with the practice squad. The remaining cuts are all spare parts: LB Mike Zimmer, DT Chase Baker and OT Mike Remmers.

Nothing surprising here at all. To the guys we don’t see again, thanks for your contribution.