Rick Spielman: Vikings Will Keep Tweaking Roster Up Till Wednesday


Sunday is a big day with teams making waiver claims on players who were cut yesterday and also putting together their practice squads.

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But the action doesn’t end when the Sunday claims are made and the practice squads cobbled together. Rick Spielman told 1500ESPN Sunday that he expects the Vikings to keep tweaking their roster all the way up until mid-week.

A quick glance at the Vikings’ 53-man roster shows an abundance of linebackers and running backs and a dearth of tight ends and defensive backs. So one presumes there will be some linebackers and running backs let go, and some tight ends and defensive backs picked up.

Larry Dean? Zach Line? Michael Mauti? Don’t get too comfortable yet, boys.

Spielman also told 1500ESPN that the Vikings looked at about 20 names Saturday night as possible waiver pick-ups. Due diligence, homes.

These are the occasions Rick Spielman truly lives for, personnel-juggling mastermind that he is. We’ll see what The Wizard of Winter Park conjures up in the coming days.