Mike Zimmer Names Starting MLB, SS After Media Goading


Earlier this week, Mike Zimmer showed himself to be a proponent of the Brad Childress “secret squirrel” approach when he refused to name his starting Mike linebacker or strong safety for this weekend’s opener against the Rams.

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Keep ’em guessing Mike!

Well, apparently Zimmer isn’t quite as stubborn and shady as Brad Childress after all, because on Wednesday he reversed course and offered up the names of his #1 Mike and strong safety.

Per Zimmer, Jasper Brinkley will get the start at MLB and Robert Blanton at SS.

Why the change in approach? Apparently Zimmer was just sick of being asked about the situation.

And you thought the main stream media were good for nothing. Apparently those guys do have some influence after all. They goaded Mike Zimmer into giving up the names of his starters.

Congratulations Twin Cities media, you finally showed that you are good for something.

Though Zimmer did finally relent and give up the names of his starters for this week, the coach reminds us that these are just temporary situations.

Zimmer mentioned that he likes Brinkley’s run-stopping ability against the Rams, who figure to feature the run a lot with backup QB Shaun Hill in the game. So it’s really more a match-up thing.

Maybe, when the Vikings play a pass-happy team, we’ll see the better coverage linebacker Audie Cole get the start.

Robert Blanton is starting, Zim indicated, because he made the fewest mistakes in preseason and because his cornerback experience gives him good man-to-man cover abilities. But Blanton’s starting status is week-to-week also.

This is information Zim would have been happy to keep to himself, but reporters kept asking so he coughed it up.