Jeff Fisher Denies Signing Mike Remmers for Intel-Gathering Reasons


Any time a team signs a player who was just cut from another team, and oh by the way the player’s new team happens to be playing his old team in a few days, people immediately cry that the new team is only signing the player so they can pump him for intel on the old team.

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That certainly looked like the case when the Vikings’ week 1 opponents the Rams all of a sudden decided they needed to have former Viking offensive lineman Mike Remmers on their practice squad.

Well you people who think the Rams only wanted Remmers so they could gather intel on the Vikings, Jeff Fisher says shame on you for being so cynical.

See? They didn’t sign Remmers for intel-gathering purposes. They signed him because they like him.

And if in the course of bringing Remmers in and adding him to the practice squad he happens to cough up a few pieces of info about the Vikings’ playbook, that’s bonus value.

Certainly you can’t blame Jeff Fisher for seeking to gain a competitive advantage.

I’m sure Remmers will remain on the practice squad past this week and end up being a vital piece of the puzzle for the Rams. He’s really talented, that guy. Fisher has had his eye on him for years.