Josh Robinson Should Check His PFF Grade


Josh Robinson rightly got hammered by Pro Football Focus in 2013, but it’s a new year and a new Vikings scheme and things are looking up for the oft-criticised cornerback.

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According to PFF, things are looking way up. The grading site gave Robinson a +3.2 for his performance against the Rams Sunday, noting:

"Breakdown: Salvaging the career of the much-maligned Robinson is one of Mike Zimmer’s biggest challenges coming into the job. On this evidence at least he’s on the right track. Robinson was in close coverage all game long and even made plays on the football.Signature Stat: Robinson was thrown at three times, yielding just one catch for 7 yards while breaking one up and picking another off. Throwing at him in this game yielded a passer rating of 2.8."

Robinson’s interception was a sideline-tip-toeing thing of beauty. So well did he perform overall, it was actually a bummer to see him get hurt late in the game and have to come off. Last year, we would have been happy to see Robinson come off.

Yes, Josh Robinson appears to be an asset now rather than a liability. Mike Zimmer stuck with him and it’s paying off.

Though PFF has high praise for Robinson this morning, the cornerback likely won’t be clicking over there to check his grade. Following Mike Zimmer’s lead, he doesn’t put much stock in anything those people have to say.

Robinson told the Star-Trib:

"“Yeah, definitely, I’ve heard they don’t like me much,” Robinson said. “As a player, you don’t worry about it. Like Zim said, you know Pro Football Focus don’t call the plays, so they don’t know what defenses we’re in, what schemes we’re running and when you’re supposed to give up the catch and stuff like that.”"

Robinson said he has “no interest” in finding out what PFF thinks about his performance.

Too bad. Cause for once, they’re saying good things.