Minnesota Vikings Awesomeness Rankings, Week 1

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Who are the most awesome Vikings this week? There are plenty of candidates after a dominating performance against the Rams.

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Let’s hit the top 10.

10. Adrian Peterson

Adrian’s week 1 performance against the Rams was Gerhart-like. A lot of carries, an acceptable number of yards, nothing really spectacular.

And that is actually really good news for the Vikings because it proves that Adrian doesn’t have to carry the entire team anymore.

Whew. Must be a relief for him.

9. Josh Robinson

No s–t, Josh Robinson. The same guy who looked like a flat out clown last year. It just goes to show what a little coaching can do.

If Robinson keeps it up, we’ll know for certain that the real clowns were Alan Williams and Joe Woods.

8. Greg Jennings

If Matt Cassel is playing quarterback, there’s a good chance Greg Jennings will have himself a game. Cassel and Jennings go together like donuts and coffee.

Guess what I’m consuming while I write this.

This nifty TD. All the footwork.

7. Anthony Barr

Remember when we were thinking the Vikings might bring Barr along slowly?

Yeah well, about that. He was pretty much on the field the whole game and he led the team in tackles.

He also made the play that led to Harrison Smith’s pick-six. Good drafting, Rick Spielman. Have yourself an extra protein shake.

6. Linval Joseph

The man took the field less than a month after getting shot in the leg. And he played well.

Pure boss.

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