Vikings Work Out Two Former Patriots Five Days Before Patriots Game


The Vikings hosted three players for work outs Tuesday (that we know of), and make of this what you will, but two of them were former Patriots.

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Art Stapleton of The Record reports that the Vikings worked out LB Steve Beauharnais, who was cut by the Pats with an injury settlement on Aug. 30.

The Vikings also reportedly worked out guard Jon Halapio, a sixth-round pick by the Patriots who like Beauharnais was let go during final cuts.

The third player they worked out, LB Phillip Steward, has no known affiliation with the Patriots. He was with the Rams last year but suffered a torn Achilles early in camp and is now trying to get back on the field somewhere.

The Vikings signed neither Beauharnais nor Halapio to either the 53-man roster or the practice squad, so if they did pump either of those men for intel, it wasn’t in exchange for an immediate job.

It might have been one of those “we’ll keep you in mind wink wink” situations. Remember Bradley Randle? He’s STILL waiting for a phone call.

Or, maybe it was something a little more like this. (link NSFW – language).

Even if such shenanigans don’t help you gather any useful information on an opponent, they at least create the impression that you’re trying to be sneaky, which always impresses the fans.