Report: Adrian Peterson Indicted In Child Injury Case


Adrian Peterson is apparently in big big trouble. Details on this story are sketchy right now, but early reports say the Vikings RB has been indicted in Montgomery County, Texas for reckless or negligent injury to a child.

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Rusty Hardin, Peterson’s lawyer, is in full no comment mode right now.

Peterson missed practice on Thursday and according to coach Mike Zimmer he was given a day off because of his veteran status. But it appears now that may have not been entirely the truth.

More will no doubt be coming out in the hours to come. It’s too early to speculate on how this case may impact Peterson’s status and it’s probably not tasteful to even ask the question at this point.

I will say that with everything the NFL has been dealing with recently regarding domestic violence situations, a case of a star player injuring a child is going to blow up big time in the national media and likely lead to a huge punishment.

Again, we don’t have details right now so it’s not right to jump to conclusions. But any story that starts with a player being indicted for reckless injury to a child is likely not headed in a good direction.

Update: Jay Glazer tweeted this:

Texas law enforcement handing down indictment today on Vikings RB Adrian Peterson on charges of injury to a child. Peterson has been cooperating w law enforcement. He now had to turn himself into custody.