Report: Adrian Peterson Under Investigation For Abusing a Different Son


The Vikings in their Monday statements on Adrian Peterson said they were activating him for this week but would be keeping an eye on the situation to see if any new information came to light.

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Well, new information has come to light. KHOU in Houston reports that Peterson is currently under investigation for abusing another of his sons.

This second incident, which reportedly happened last June, involved Peterson allegedly hitting the then-four-year-old boy in the head hard enough to leave a scar. The child had allegedly cursed at another child.

This report is especially chilling in light of the police report on the incident that got Peterson indicted on a child injury charge, in which his son contradicted Peterson’s version of the story by saying “Daddy Peterson” hit him in the face.

The boy also reportedly said he was afraid that “Daddy Peterson” would punch him.

Adrian Peterson claimed he only “whooped” his son by hitting him with a switch in the thighs, buttocks and scrotum.

KHOU says the incident from last June was never reported.

Again, the Vikings say they stand behind Peterson and believe he’s a good person. Plus, they lost 30-7 this Sunday and you know how fast fans get disgruntled and stop showing up at the stadium.