Report: Vikings ‘Wavering’ On Playing Adrian Peterson vs. Saints


On a day when the governor of Minnesota expressed his frustration with the Vikings’ decision to keep Adrian Peterson on the active roster in the face of child abuse allegations, a report says the Vikings are growing less certain about their support of Peterson.

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Corporate sponsors too have spoken, terminating relationships both with Peterson and the team.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman says the Vikings may now be taking a second look at their stance:

Freeman sounds slightly skeptical about what these sources are saying. However, there’s no denying that the pressure has been ratcheted up quite a bit since yesterday when the Vikings sent poor old Rick Spielman out there to explain their decision to stand behind Peterson.

It could be the Wilfs are re-assessing their loyalty to Peterson, now that politicians and corporate sponsors have begun speaking out.

The Vikings were being quite calculated when they made their decision to stick with Peterson, but those calculations will have to be adjusted for these new factors.

At what point do the Wilfs’ accountants decide that the financial gain to be had by keeping Peterson on the roster is outweighed by the potential loss caused by fleeing sponsors?

That point may already have been reached.