Jerome Simpson To Be Arraigned For Previously Unreported Misdemeanor Charges


Jerome Simpson was already facing suspension when, on July 7 of this year, he was nailed in Hennepin County for violating a limited drivers license, marijuana possession and an open bottle.

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Simpson was not arrested, it’s important to note, but he did receive three misdemeanor citations.

We are hearing about this now because it has come out that Simpson is set to be arraigned on Nov. 3.

Surely the league knew about the incident when Jerome Simpson went in to appeal his three-game suspension. That appeal was denied.

Simpson was arrested last year and charged with DUI, which is why he’s currently suspended. A few years ago he was busted on a marijuana-related charge and received a suspension for that as well.

Some wonder why the Vikings keep giving Jerome Simpson chance after chance. Watch the tape from the Patriots game and maybe you’ll begin to understand.

It’s not easy finding receivers who can run deep routes with effectiveness. Simpson is not great but he at least has some speed and size, and can make a play on the ball. And he has a knack for drawing interference penalties.

Given the choice between Simpson and Jarius Wright as the #3 receiver, I’m still taking Simpson, legal issues and all.

However, the Vikings have been somewhat under fire lately – I don’t know if you’ve noticed – and this may influence their attitude toward Simpson.

It could be that the Vikings decide now is not the time to stand by a repeat law-breaker like Simpson, even if Simpson’s specific offenses are not the type of thing that would normally get a guy kicked off a team.

They were willing to stand behind him before, but things have changed. This could be a case of very bad timing for Jerome Simpson.